The Ultimate Efficient and Comprehensive Accounting Compliance Solution for Businesses Financial Reporting

Get MFRS compliance with ease

Get MFRS compliance with ease

With Finnova Solution: Hamilton Engine, your company can achieve MFRS compliance with Ease, Adaptive, yet Powerful solution


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Applying the Expected Credit Loss (ECL) for Financial Instruments

Applying 5-steps model for revenue recognition of MFRS 15 and ASC 606

Right of Use Asset for Leases (MFRS 16 and ASC 842)

Contractual Service Margin (CSM) via GMM, VFA, and PAA model

MRFS Implementation

Implementing MFRS with ease.

Our experienced team will guide your business to achieve MFRS compliance with an easy, non-disruptive approach. Our FINNOVA solution takes a shorter timeline to implement, resulting in arguably the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the market.

Finance Solution

Our experts will guide you.

Our experts in Finance can help your business to analyze the impact of FINNOVA solutions via Technical Accounting Position Papers, Financial Impact Analysis, or what-if scenarios based on Use Case driven approach.

What can you expect from FINNOVA ?


FINNOVA is the first solution who implements the new concept of Predictive Accounting. Unlike Classical Accounting, Predictive Accounting provides unbiased and a holistic picture of business events from the beginning to the end of contracts boundary, future numbers and what-if scenarios.

Presentation and Disclosure

FINNOVA comes with out-of-the-box, configurable, MFRS Presentation and Disclosures: Contract Dashboard, Predictive Accounting, Financial Position Movements, and other mandatory disclosures required by auditors.

Easy to

All objects are configurable, which can be implemented in short time, including all MFRS quantitative disclosure requirements. It can go-live as soon as business data is ready.

One Stop Solution to MFRS

It is one stop solution for MFRS 9, MFRS 15, MFRS 16 and MFRS 17, also adaptable to any future requirements, including any accounting automation requirement in the future.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is arguably the lowest in the market for FINNOVA solution. We offer competitive pricing options that suit your organization's needs.

Non-distruptive Approach

Non-disruptive approach, minimum changes or no changes to the existing business process. Minimizing the impacts of MFRS implementation and adopting MFRS compliance with ease.

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