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Welcome to TranSoluxion, the game-changing solution that revolutionizes the world of transport operations. With a focus on logistics and passenger services, our integrated system empowers you to streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver unparalleled value to your customers. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and real-time tracking, TranSoluxion enables you to effortlessly manage your vehicles, drivers, orders, and routes with utmost precision and ease.

Whether you’re a logistics provider, intracity bus operator, or school bus service, TranSoluxion is tailored to meet your unique needs. Experience the transformative power of TranSoluxion as it revolutionizes your business, propels you ahead of the competition, and sets new industry standards. Embrace the future of transport operations with TranSoluxion and unlock a world of limitless possibilities.


Solutions for Transportation Industries

Intracity Bus

Allow your bus passengers to track the movement of the bus and receive real-time notifications, enhancing their experience.

Logistic Providers​

Streamline order and driver management while providing real-time tracking capabilities to your customers, ensuring transparency and satisfaction.


Keep parents informed with notifications regarding bus arrivals and departures, ensuring the safety and convenience of their children.

Other Businesses

Enable dynamic tracking and notifications for dispatched vehicles involved in off-site assignments and field services, ensuring efficient operations.


Admin Dashboard

Effectively manage vehicles, drivers, customers, and bookings with routine scheduling and reminders, all in one centralized location.

Customer/Pax App

Share route information and movement data with passengers or customers, enhancing visibility and trust in your services.

Driver App

Assign drivers for each outing, enabling them to receive assignments on their smartphones and track their movement and progress in real-time.

Experience the Benefits

For Logistic Transport​

Efficiently plan, operate, and manage your logistic operations. Record bookings, assign drivers, and track timing for better on-time performance, ensuring streamlined operations.

Passenger Bus Service​

Manage bus trips, check live traffic conditions, track on-time performance, and efficiently manage season pass holders, elevating your passenger bus service to new heights.


Route Information

Set up locations such as pickup and drop-off points using visual maps and search functions, ensuring seamless management of movement for drivers, customers, and passengers.

Device Agnostics

TranSoluxion requires no fixed hardware. Drivers can use any smartphone to access information and track their trips by simply logging in, offering flexibility and convenience.

Trip Time Estimates

Utilizing live traffic data, TranSoluxion provides accurate arrival time estimates for each location, enabling passengers and drivers to plan their journeys efficiently.

Documentations & Compliance

Seamlessly integrate trip-logging for compliance records and in-app documentations, including signature capture during deliveries, streamlining compliance tracking and ensuring accurate records.


Capture customer booking orders, use pre-set addresses for regular customers, and provide distance calculations for pricing transparency.

Assignments Management

Combine bookings into assignment work orders, allocate drivers and vehicles, optimize routing, and provide distance and drive time estimations for efficient assignment management.

Cost Estimations

Get accurate cost estimations based on flat or tiered cost settings, facilitating mileage-based driver claims and petrol costs, empowering cost management.

Track Drivers

Equip drivers with our smartphone application for real-time tracking and recording of assignment trips, ensuring on-time performance and providing reference data.


TranScore Driver Rating

Introducing TranScore, our driver rating system that measures and compares driver performance based on on-time performance and live traffic information, driving driver discipline.

Branches & Departments​

Manage different divisions, branches, and sub-branches with varying administrators and drivers, suitable for logistics companies with multiple centers.

Route & Trip Management​

Efficiently manage route and trip timing using our interactive map, estimate driving time using real traffic data, and set target times for drivers, ensuring on-time performance.



Effectively manage season pass holders, including validity periods, and provide a passenger app

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